Friday, June 3, 2011

Au Revoir To My Chairs

I found these beautiful cane back chairs at an antiques fair.  They were brown when I spotted them.  I honestly started running upon sight of them.  I had run out of cash and forgotten my check book.  I wanted them so desperately that I left the fair, walked a mile to my car, ventured into the town to find an atm, came back in, reparked miles away, all in hopes that they would still be there.  There being the most remote row, (row Y) in a fair of 800 vendors.  I was thrilled when I saw them awaiting me!!

I brought them home and painted them a few times

They have been with us for about a month now.  I posted them on my Etsy site and am happy to say that I have found a wonderful home for them.  I trust completely that Sheila will love them just as much as I have.  She is absolutely lovely. 

I learned today that this detail, the turned and fluted legs and well as the box with the floral design inside is what distinguishes them as Louis XVI as opposed to the rounder cabriole legs of the Louis XV era.  I cannot wait to find more!

have a great weekend!

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