Saturday, June 9, 2012

Goat Hill

       Hello friends.  Happy Saturday.

I have some photos I want to share with you from a flea I attended a few weeks ago. It is called Goat Hill Farm and it located in the Santa Cruz mountains.

The home on the farm has a bit of history behind it.  It was built by the Sears family.  They finished construction in 1906, the day before the earthquake. Not 24 hours later it was knocked off it's foundation.  They rebuilt it and it was then thrown from the foundation again during the 1989 earthquake.  (Kinda makes you want to move to California, huh?)

I had been to a flea the previous day so this was not an easy one to justify.  That being said, at my show about a month ago I parted with two iron urns which were only for decoration.  Wouldn't you know it?  A very nice customer fell in love with them and I caved.  I got home and instantly regretted it.  

I called the guys from Atelier de Campagne and asked if they had more.  They brought them to the flea for me.  :)

The next four are from the incomparable Atelier de Campagne

I like this one because you can see Martin, from Atelier, smiling in the background.  The grey urn in the middle of the top shelf is what I drove all the way down there for.  

What a setting!

There was music

It was quite literally on a goat farm

I really liked these flower pots.  And if I had not been so strict about my budget they are what I would have come home with.

But if I am being honest, there is something in every photo that I would love to have.

Until next time.  Enjoy your weekend.



  1. Looks like a great Flea! You Californians have the best stuff, I swear! Looks like the weather was nice for it too.

  2. Michele,
    Thank you for sharing so we too can be inspired.

  3. That looks like a great flea market!! So fun!!

  4. Wow Michele, It looks so wonderful!!~ I wish I could have attended!
    I do the same thing, I always end up selling something that I had not planned to sell and instantly regret it! Thank goodness AC had more.
    Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful photos!
    Have a beautiful weekend.

  5. I too see those photos and DESIRE to own!

    Good for you to sticking with a budget - otherwise it is chaos.

  6. Looks wonderful! I haven't been in the Santa Cruz mountains in sooo long. My daughter's boyfriend will be attending UCSC in the Fall so we will make some road trips to visit him.

  7. So many great goodies in these pictures and the location looks beautiful!

  8. Oh Michele, so many treasures!! Such a pretty setting =) Wishing you a lovely weekend, Xo, Ashley

  9. I think I saw something in every photo I would want too...thanks for sharing the photos!

  10. Wow markets here in the East are nothing like that.

  11. I looove those kind of things, inspiring me alot!

    thanks and a big hello from Spain,


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