Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas Card

Happy Saturday to you.  As we all rush around making christmas cookies, buying those last few gifts, and planning holiday dinners I thought I would send you a copy of our Christmas card.  For the past few years I have hand made them.  I start in November with the goal of sending them out the day after Thanksgiving.  That way, it is off my plate and thus easier to enjoy this, my favorite time of year.  

I bought a stamp at an Etsy store called Dragonfly Buzz.  I have had my eye on this stamp since last year.  I stamped it and we all signed it in gold ink.  

So, I hope that you are all enjoying your holidays.  Thank you very much for following me this year, whether I post weekly or not for a month or so.  I know it is tough when things are so busy, but I really try to take time this time of year to appreciate all that I have been blessed with.  



  1. Precious loves...
    Merry Christmas, Michele, Anna and Katherine!

  2. adorable! Merry Christmas to you and your girls :)

  3. It turned out just beautifully Michele!! Your girls are so lovely!
    Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Love your card--photo cards are always my favorite. That stamp is so cute--everyone will love it!

  5. Those cards are really cute. We quit sending out cards to everyone a few years ago because it just got too expensive with the postage. So, now we just send a couple out to people that we won't get to see during the holidays. I'm sure your family and friends will really enjoy receiving yours!

  6. What an adorable card, and the stamp inside is so cute!


  7. I love the handmade card~its quite an effort and one that you enjoy so its worth it, isn't it? I try to just get a family photo card together, but its harder than it seems...even though I have it printed by an online card maker. I did finally get to it~and hopefully they can be mailed before santa arrives! no worries about posting~keep writing when you can.


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