Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day Reflection

The focus in this blog is on French style, rustic farmhouse flair, the old, and well loved.  I feel sometimes, though, that it gets a bit stale.  It's funny because I do not think that of others' blogs.  Just mine.  So today, for Mother's day, I am going to branch out a bit and write about something a little deeper....vulnerability can be a good thing.

I pray every day, asking for the guidance, strength, and courage to be the best mom I can be.  It is my most fervent endeavor.  I know in my heart that I can be too strict and even humorless under the weight of schedules, sibling rivalry, etc.  I am easily bogged down by work, bills, stress.  That being said, during spring break, I made a conscious decision that this was the kids' time, and vowed to make it fun and enjoyable.  I was going to let go for a few days.

I took a day off work and we invited my friend's son to come with us to Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.  I promised myself (and quietly prayed for help) that I would not worry about money, health, work, the aging process :), how clean my apt was or how I am going to pay for college......I could go on.  I have said several times since, that it was one of the best days I can remember.  And one of the reasons for that is that I truly.... present.  This is what it yielded.

I am aware that the seemingly life threatening rides are a big part of creating these smiles.  But I do believe strongly that kids feel our stress as well as lack thereof. 

When I was growing up I remember our family vacations very fondly.   I come from a family where our dinner plates always featured protein, vegetables, and a starch.  We were the kids with apples instead of oreos in our lunches and who went to bed at 7:30 instead of 9:00 like the other kids.  Don't get me wrong.  I had a fantastic childhood, but it was structured.  Then came the week or two when my parents took time off from work and we would go to the beach.  Things were a bit different there.  I feel like the most common word out of my parents' mouthes was "yes".  We would ask for pancakes for dinner and they would say with a smile, "why not?"  I remember being stunned at first.  How fun!!  We got whatever we wanted (within reason :)) and it made these times very special.

I have adopted this view when it is vacation time with my girls.  They love it and know just where it comes from.  I am grateful to my wonderful parents.  I am fortunate.  As a result of their hard work and dedication I can say that I had a happy childhood.  Now, if I can just pass that on to my kids.  

Happy Mother's Day to you all


ps   this small amusement park is on the beach in Santa Cruz, CA.  It is a beautiful spot.  It is very fun and easy.  Not much waiting for the rides and plenty to keep you busy for a full day.


  1. Looks like a fun time! I haven't been to an amusement park in a long time. It's good to recognize the time you have left with your kids being young. It goes by VERY fast!!

  2. Hi Michèle
    How I loved Santa Cruz when I lived in the Bay Area I would spend many summers heading off to the beach in Santa Cruz and so remeber the amusement area, how I wish I lived close by again your Mothers Day madré me with I could havé shared a day like yours with my daughter, she is now 20 and we do a lot of things together this is one thing she would have loved to have done with me on Mothers Day.
    Your children's smiles tell a beautiful story in how Mothers Day went for them, you can see love and Joy all over there faces.
    What a beautiful soulful Mom you are, don't be so hard on yourself, I too am a bit strict, yes means yes and my no was always no, never bending the rules and my daughter thinks of me as her best friend Mom and will tell me everything.

    Keep up the beautiful Mothering work and try not to worry about finances, The Lord will keep you sheltered and blessed.

    Lots of love to you for this raw emotional posting....A beautiful soulful week to follow.
    Keep inspiring us with your grace and beauty.

    Blessings to you and your.

    Ps. Next Time you tale à trip to santa Cruz take us along :)

  3. Love it! I shared pic's of my gals for a mother's day post too. Wasn't sure about doing it, but was glad I did. Great smiles & fond memories made on that day in Santa Cruz. Hold them close...

  4. Awwwww... that was so sweet, and everyone looks so happy. I can be anxious and controlling too, and as crazy as it seems, it's actually very difficult to let go and just enjoy life. What a great family tradition your parents left you with, having fun like that on vacations. Sounds like it had freed up your consciousness to help you let go of worry and relax for a little while...


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