Friday, October 14, 2011

The Love of Patina

"Patina (play /ˈpætɨnə/ or /pəˈtnə/) is a tarnish that forms on the surface of bronze and similar metals (produced by oxidation or other chemical processes); a sheen on wooden furniture produced by age, wear, and polishing; or any such acquired change of a surface through age and exposure. On metal, patina is a coating of various chemical compounds such as oxides or carbonates formed on the surface during exposure to the elements (weathering). Patina also refers to accumulated changes in surface texture and colour that result from normal use of an object such as a coin or a piece of furniture over." Wikipedia

I am focusing on the patina on metal for this post

 I particularly like the rust at the top contrasted with the white color at the bottom of this candlestick

The patina on the urn accentuates the detail 

I purchased this pitcher from a brother and sister team from France while at an antiques fair

Fred and Coco are wonderfully charming people 

It was still dark when I arrived at their stall.  I could barely see two galvanized pitchers.  

I said that I would like one and asked which of the two they preferred

Fred said that this one had an almost blue patina to it.  I chose it based upon that information

When I went back to pick it up, in the daylight, I was thrilled to see what he had chosen for me

I use this bucket as a waste basket in my bedroom.  One day I discarded some beads from New Orleans which my girls used to play with.  They got tangled around the handle accidentally.  I have left them there since.  I think I like that look.

 I love this old German watering can.  I think it is unique because of the braided or twisted piece of metal that holds the arm of the can in place

 There is nothing quite like the effect age has on us

Have a good one



  1. Love the french pitcher and watering can~ great post!! xo Rachel

  2. Hi Michele,
    Gorgeous galvanized pieces!! I have a bit of an obsession with anything galvanized myself. :)
    I love your blog!! I am now your newest follower!
    Have a beautiful day.

  3. Yup, we like all the same things!! :) I just picked up a french antique Zinc pitcher too! I have been looking everywhere for one and finally found one. Yours has great patina. I love your blog! Keep the great posts coming!
    Have a wonderful Sunday,

  4. thanks for the kind words girls. they make my day!


  5. Oh.....all of this yummy patina is right up my alley, Michele. I even had to Pin a couple photos they were so beautiful! I've got a galvanized French body pitcher from Dreamy Whites that carries a pretty blue patina on it. Just adore it. Thanks for sharing all of this great inspiration!

    xoox laurie

  6. Oh Michele how gorgeous is that pitcher! I am a huge fan of patina and love the items you have show! Warmest of wishes from a 500 year old farmhouse in England - Glenda xxx


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