Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Kitchen Remodel....the outcome!

Happy Hump Day

I write this post with a gigantic smile on my face.  The kids and I went to Balboa Island for a week long vacation.  My landlords chose to use the time we were away to renovate the kitchen for me.  I have never lived through a real remodel but I know enough to realize that I am very fortunate to leave for ten days and return to a new kitchen!  

Here it is.  I could be no happier!!  They did a fantastic job.  When we sat down to discuss it I said that I wanted a particular sink.  Unfortunately, due to the way the kitchen was configured, sink on the corner of the counter, they said that an apron sink would not work.  

They then came back to me saying that they were willing to reconfigure the layout of the entire kitchen in order to accommodate my sink.  They moved the stove as well as the sink and wrapped the countertop all the way around the room.  Here is a quick look at the old configuration.  

And, now.  It feels like a completely different room.  

I had my heart set on a few things.  Both came from Ikea, the sink, called the domsjo, and butcher block countertops, called numerar.  I preferred the oak.  It has been discontinued though so I chose the beech.  I want a slightly deeper shade so am considering staining them.  

I also knew that I wanted subway tiles.  These are daltile in the standard 3" x 6" size.  I originally thought that I wanted white grout.  But after doing a little research I learned that many people who thought similarly ended up regretting not using grey grout.  I wanted the tile to stand out as subway tile and I felt, after spending hours and hours on Pinterest and Houzz, that the white grout just did not accomplish that.  I am thrilled with my decision.  

The cabinets are the only element I did not have a say in.  And they choose ones exactly like I would have.  My favorite part is that they are the kind that close on their own....and silently.  Ok..... maybe my other favorite part are the lazy susans.  Such a great use of space!

The other element that was updated was the hood.  My intention, in order to finish this room, is to put in a stainless steel range.  So, they put a hood in that will match it.  

I will also have to add the hardware, pulls and knobs, to the cabinets.  

 Now comes the time to consider how to treat the countertops.  I have done some research on this topic as well ;)  There are many options and exponentially more opinions out there.  I want to protect them but also want to be careful about the chemicals I use to do so.  A woman named Vanessa talks about installing the same countertops I have in her blog this and that.  It is a great and very detailed post.   I love the way she stained hers.  They turned out beautifully.  I am considering using the same stain.  She sealed them with a product called Waterlox.  And though I love the look and am sure that it protects her countertops very well, I am a bit concerned about something which requires me to wear a respirator fitted with an organic cartridge to apply it.  I guarantee that most people would say that I am being overly cautious.....and I likely am. :)  If anyone has input on this subject, I would greatly welcome it.  

  One last thing that I did was to add stick on led lights underneath the cabinets. 

Thanks for bearing with me through this long post.  I am very excited though, to share it with you!  And super grateful to my kind landlords, Lily and Ben.

Have a good one!



  1. I am completely and absolutely thrilled for you, Michele. YAY x ten!!!!

  2. Wow you are so lucky. Your landlords must like you. Beautiful

  3. Michele...Your new kitchen is fabulous! I LOVE the grey grout with the mercury glass!
    It is quite apparent that your landlord appreciates the improvements that you have made to your home! So happy for you!

  4. Yea! How lucky you are to have such great landlords! You definitely made the right grout choice. Looks great.

  5. Awesome, Michele! What a beautiful transformation!!!! You truly have a designer's eye, girl! :)

    xoxo laurie

  6. Love your new kitchen! Your landlord did a great job meeting your requests. It's classic, yet vintage looking. It fits your apartment perfectly. I bet you enjoy using it so much more now.

  7. What kind of landlord do you have that created a kitchen like that for you!!! Holy Moly, it's wonderful! You must be so so happy with it. They must be the best landlords ever! I actually really like the countertops the color they are. I think the light wood looks pretty with the white. Kind of frenchy and raw. I love my lazy susans too. I had never experienced them until i moved into this house about 6 years ago, and they are so functional. Much better than the deep dark pantry i had at my old house. Anyway, your new kitchen looks just amazing, and i know you'll have fun picking out knobs and playing in it!


  8. Wow what awesome landlords!!! I love our new kitchen!!!

  9. I mean I love your kitchen!!!!

  10. Of course we lové it,
    As to having a landlord who would go this far to creating a kitchen for you to love all I can say is he gets the landlord of dreams award. He must really get you and knows how's much soul you add to your life in how you like to live to then give you a dreamy kitchen that just adds to your passion.

    A landlord to love, tell him I want to hire him as my landlord :)


  11. Your landlords are awesome! Not only did they consider when to do it so you'd be the least bothered by the renovation, but to go as far as redesigning it to make the overall look better is amazing. Some landlords refuse to even repaint rooms but here you have a new kitchen. You're so lucky! -Von @ Gold Team


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