Thursday, August 1, 2013

You know you live in an old building when........

Happy Thursday.  

I have wanted to replace the lighting in our living room for years now.  I found the chandelier a long time ago.  But just recently I purchased it and had it installed.  Well....partially installed.  Here are a few before pics.  

Can you imagine why I wanted to replace this?

Here are the "in the process pics".

I understand that this building is old enough that the lighting used to be provided by gas lamps.

Here is the problem.  As you can see below, it could not be put in flush with the ceiling because there is a 4 inch gas pipe which extends down from it.  Due to the weight of the chandy, there is also a 4 inch long mounting plate.  This prohibits the use of a canopy to cover the space and wires because they are tapered and not that wide. I may be able to go to a vintage lighting store and find a pretty simple fix.  

I was given the option of cutting the pipe.  I chose not to do that. :) I will either have a custom medallion made which will have some depth to it.  Or, a friend suggested recently that I have a circular molding made to match what already adorns the room.  

I will update you when I have remedied the problem.  

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  1. Oh WOW!

    Questions: why didn't you just want to cut that pipe?

    How old IS your building?

    1. I was worried about there still being gas in it. I know that the chances are slim but as I am a renter I need to be very careful and respectful of the owners of building. Thanks.

  2. That is one of the prettiest chandeliers that I have ever seen.

  3. Oh, that is one gorgeous chandelier! And it was nice to have a wider shot of your apt. So pretty! I think a medallion with a little depth would be just right. I hope you can have one made.

  4. Love your new chandelier!!! What a difference it makes in the room. I'm sure you'll figure out just the right thing to cover up the top of it too.

  5. Michele, is there a way you could retrofit (and faux paint!) the piece from the old light? Maybe even "stack" the old and the new? Oh, I wish I were there to show you what I mean! ...

    1. No, I cannot do that because it is too narrow to accommodate the long mounting plate. I wish I could. I will figure it out. But I appreciate everyone's help on this. :)


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