Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Makeover

Yesterday was our local flea market/antiques fair.  It is, by far, my favorite day of the month.  I am sure to arrive at 6am because I don't like to fight the throngs of people who are entering as I leave at 9 sharp! I had walked the entire grounds, 2.5 hours, when I saw, in the last row, a pair of Louis XV repro cane back chairs.  They did not look the way I like them to, cosmetically, but underneath I knew they were a treasure.

I love the floral carvings

The only sentiment I can come up with for the picture below is YIKES!  No offense to my grandmothers.

So I started out.  And I want to be very clear about something.  I am an amateur, just learning.  But here is what it looks like today

I used a combination of light sanding and dirt glazing to create an old weathered look.  Even though it is a very old chair, after a few coats of paint, it can look rather new

I like the way the glaze gets into the grooves to give it the look of being dirty

I am interested to see how the fabric will wear.  I wonder if it will stretch with time.  I hope not, but we'll see.

The fabric is handloomed hemp linen.  I love love love the texture and feel of it.  

This chair is by no means perfect.  But that, in my opinion, is what gives it depth, and beauty. 

And this is a picture of it with my lovely Darcy chair from Rachel Ashwell.

Have a wonderful holiday today



  1. Great job Michele! I think I need them for MY house:))
    xoxo, Cheryl

  2. You did a wonderful job on the chair! It looks really beautiful! I am in the process of painting six cane back chairs and I am finding them to be a pain in the butt! But I know I'll be happy when they are finished.

  3. thank you Cheryl and Lisa,

    It was really fun to do. I have to start on the other one now. I can imagine, though, that 6 could be daunting. And C, they would look great in your beautiful home.


  4. These turned out gorgeous!! Lovely inspiration for sure...Have a great week! Xoxoxo

  5. It is gorgeous. I like it better than the R.A Darcy...and I so admire all of R.A's beautiful furniture, bedding, etc. I am so pleased to find your blog. I have you as a 'favorite' on etsy and I am a distant neighbor. I grew up in the Bay area so I spent much of life in the city(S.F). Now I live in the Sacramento valley. One day I hope to buy one of your bistro chairs. ox

  6. oh my goodness!! I LOVE how it turned out! :) You look like a pro to me~ And you are so lucky to own Rachel Ashwells Darcy long have you had them? Im still hoping to get some one day~ xoxo Rachel

  7. Love all that you inspire over here!
    I too have a similar chair I have to do alot of work to it the caning is torn out and no seat cushion, yet loved the carving as well.

    I am friends with Kerrie at Sea Cottage and I too am glad I found you! I am going to add you to my inspiration blog roll.

  8. I love it! I like to see that you can make a diffrent chair just to paint it and a nice fabric....I realy love it xx gustaviana

  9. The chair looks beautiful! You did a great job! I can't wait to try a project like this myself!

  10. Love how your chair became, wonderful job!
    I like your french bistro chair too! We can't find them here in flea market in Italy!
    I like your blog, I'm a new follower now
    Have a nice day


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