Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Few of my Favorite Things

As I said in a past post, I look forward to getting our tree and decorating it beginning in about July.  I love the smell, the feel, the childhood memories it brings back.  I could go on. I try to make sure that my girls have the same happy memories of this time of year that I do.  

I have a deep love of France as I lived there briefly and my degree is in the language. 

I debated about this bow as it is a little over the top.  But I really like it!

One day I will stop apologizing for my bad photographic skills.  Until then I have to fill you in.  The paper on the top of the eiffel towel says "wish."

These ornaments are from Pottery Barn and I love them for their sparkle as well as their simple messages.

                     This dragonfly, though small, stands out on a tree because of its uniqueness.

I wrap the gifts with brown kraft to keep in the natural and neutral theme.  I find eyelet or white trim and add jingle bells or glittery balls.  

This is my second favorite ornament.  I made it out of grain sack fabric for a friend of mine.  I wrote on a small piece of paper my wish for her for 2012 and enclosed it in the heart before sewing it up.

And finally the ornament I hold the dearest is this angel.  About five years ago I had my first Christmas tree that I had had in a very long time.  And my friend knew that I had no ornaments.  She showed up with a box of about three of them to start my collection.  I have two of these angels and hope to pass them on to my two girls one day.

Merry Christmas
Happy Holidays

Thank you for making this, my first year, of blogging a pleasure.  Your kind words always encourage me and warm my heart.


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Beginning to Decorate

In July or August I think about how many months I have to wait before getting our tree.  I love everything about the experience.  I think that is due to very good childhood memories at Christmas tree lots.  But usually the day after Thanksgiving I put a few decorations up before the tree hunting outing.  

I made these stocking from vintage grain sacks.  I like the rustic feel of them against the shiny letters.

I found these letters at Michaels.  I was going add glitter after I painted them metallic silver.  But I liked the result after the first step so decided to stop there.  I wanted to make them look like stocking holders.  They are very light so I used upholstery tacks in front of them to hold the stockings in place.

Angel mercury candle holder.  I like her dress.

This simple wreath draws the eye to the molding in my hallway.

This small wreath is sold as a centerpiece.  But I added pink striped ribbon and hung above the girls' beds.  

One of the my favorite vendors at our local flea market sells things made from antique ceiling tins.  I was thrilled when I found this piece to hang on our front door.

I made a few white linen stockings with a frayed ruffle which are in my Etsy store.

And I wait all year to hang my C wreath.  

Happy decorating!