Monday, April 25, 2011

my white linen slipcovered sofa

I have wanted a new sofa for quite a long time...a white one.  I could not find exactly what I wanted.  So I decided to try to make hand.   I am not a seamstress and do not even own a sewing machine.  When I mentioned this plan to people, they looked at me as if I had nine heads.  I was instructed to make it in muslin first.  As I found a beautiful heavy white linen, I just started out.  I knew I could do it.  I went into this with the attitude that it would take a long time, extensive use of the seam ripper, and undying patience.  The other thing I had to keep in mind is that I did not want perfection.  I am pretty happy with the outcome.

definitely not perfect but quite an improvement

i am not a great photographer but like the morning light in my living room

i wanted grain sack pillows.  so i went to my favorite flea market and made them myself

I am almost finished making slipcovers for my dining chairs
will share those soon

take good care

Friday, April 8, 2011

beauty in the young

In the last few months I have made an effort to slow down.  Before my daughter started preschool, I visited it as it was being built.  I noticed that the things that would fill their room were pleasing to look at.  I inquired about it and the director told me that in her years as a preschool teacher she had come to believe that beauty, in many different forms, was integral in child development.  She felt that they were drawn to beautiful things and places just as we are as adults.  When I do take slow down a bit I see beauty these days in everyone I meet.  I notice it in people's features.  And sometimes their beauty comes out in unconventional ways.  That is something I love.
of course, these are the most beautiful faces I know
and seeing them laugh seems to make everything ok
have a great weekend