Friday, April 27, 2012

My New Beauty

As you know I live in a tiny place which does not allow for a lot of collections.  There are a few items I make room for.  One of them is enamelware body pitchers.  This is the latest one I have found.  Isn't it lovely?

I love the fact that I genuinely buy them with the intention of putting them in my Etsy store.

And somehow, through some force beyond me....they never show up there........

In my defense...could you part with this?  

It was purchased 18 years ago at a flea market in Paris and brought back to CA.

I know.  This all means that I most likely have a problem.  But at least I can admit it, right? :)

Have a great day!


Monday, April 23, 2012

Embossing project

Hi friends.  I could list all of the reasons I have been an absent poster recently but instead I am going to share a fun project I have found to do with my kids.  I don't know about your family but we are a happy one when there is an interesting and new craft in the house.  Something about boredom doesn't seem to work for us.  I imagine that some of you can relate.

I am a self proclaimed paper geek.  I sold commercial printing papers for my entire career, until now.  I love the feel of good heavy stock.  My favorite is always cotton.  Texture is a big thing for me.  Therefore when I walked into our local PaperSource, and they asked me if I knew about embossing, I was intrigued. Embossing, to me, is done in a small mom and pop print shop which has been around since the beginning of time, the sort of people I used to call on.  The thought of being able to create a similar effect at home was exciting to me.

I purchased some scalloped cards, ink, embossing powder and the heat gun and my girls and I had a ball.  If you have young children they will need supervision as the tool heats up to 600 degrees. But we had no problems with it.

Another thing that I am enamored of is hand written notes.  I think that this is a sort of lost art.  I correspond with my customers and friends via email, like the rest of the world.  But I also incorporate these notes which are sent through the mail.  (Yes, the actual postal service :)).  I think that it makes an impression and sets you apart when you take the time to sit down and hand write a small thank you note, or get well card to someone.

The products I used for this project are shown below; the heat gun, inks, and clear embossing powder.  I purchased them all at Papersource but they are available many places, even Amazon.  All you do is push your stamp down on the ink pad, stamp onto the paper and immediately shake the powder on top of the wet ink. (You then save the excess powder) Then you dry it.  Pretty simple, huh?

I packaged them with jute rope and have given them out as hostess gifts.

Etsy, as you can imagine, has en enormous supply of stamps.  I had the custom one below made by a vendor called Dragonflybuzz.  This was not my first purchase from them.  And I am thrilled with the quality and turnaround every time.  

So, when I get an order from the store, it will be accompanied by a handmade thank you note.  And since the shop is largely comprised on items which I have made myself the notes may well show up there soon.  

Have a great week