Monday, July 22, 2013

French Grain Sack Body Pillows....and a few linen napkins

I hope that you are all enjoying your summer!  

As it is a typical July here, it is misty, grey, and foggy.  I am looking forward to fall when we will see the sun and feel some warmth.  I visited our new farmer's market this weekend and had on jeans, long sleeved tee, and a down jacket.... I was still shivering :)

I am either hot or cold though when it comes to my Etsy shop.  The sewing machine is either out for weeks or tucked away for months at a time.  I am happy to say that the former has been the case this last week or so.  Here are some of my creations.  

I like making these grain sack body pillows.  You don't see them too often.  And since each sack is unique they feel special.  

I love those with patches as feel very authentic and like they have a long history.  

I also made some more of the Italian linen napkins.  This fabric is special because it is a very fine weave and is imported from Rome. 

Enjoy your summer.  Thanks for visiting.  


Above items available at Maison de Michele