Monday, February 27, 2012

Grain Sack Slipcovers

Hi friends.  I have been absent from the blogging world of late.  My Mom and Stepdad have been with us for the last four days.  We had a great time!!  And as always, I was sad when they left.  My stepdad put the lighting in the kitchen for me.  I am thrilled with it and will show it to you later after the finishing touches are added.  So for now, here is my latest project.  

I made these slipcovers out of hand loomed antique hemp linen, or grain sack material dating from the late 1800's to the early 1900's.  The one on the right is very nubby and those stripes are actually a grayish blue. I used yardage I had one hand for that one.

And the windowpane one was made from two actual grain sacks which I ripped apart.  

I fell in love with this particular sack when I saw it.  How often do you see this pattern?  I think it looks out of focus but it is two thin stripes right next to each other. 
Here is the reverse side. 

I sewed them by hand as I am not yet confident enough with my machine on this type of linen. 

They are not perfect but I really like them!

They give my hallway a completely different feel.  The antique ceiling tile imparts an industrial feel.  It comes from a church in Minneapolis and dates to the 1920's I am told.  

Welcome to my new followers.  I am happy to have you and in some cases to have found your blogs in return.  Have a good week and I'll post about the mercury pendants soon.


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Monday, February 20, 2012

Frayed Edges

I spent my weekend working on projects for my shop (and for my home as well).  I made a curtain for the front door as well as a custom linen coverlet with finished edges.  I was not satisfied though so I made one with unfinished edges for the shop. These tulips were my inspiration 

In this photo you can see how wrinkled this particular linen comes out of the wash.  

I am always drawn to the tattered.  

I want to thank Brenda of Cozy Little House for featuring me on her Welcome Wagon post on Friday.  I am happy to have some new followers.   

Have a good week all.  



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Monday, February 13, 2012

The Ella Pillow

Happy Valentines Day to you all!  I have been envisioning these pillows for a while now.  I have finally gotten around to making them and posting in my Etsy store.  As you or may not know, I have a deep love of France as well as the French people.  What I like about these pillows is that they are a bit understated.  

I used my new machine to sew them together but hand stitched the decoration to give it a more rustic feel.  I know that not everyone loves the raw edges, but I do.  They get a little more tattered over time, with wear and washings, and that is exactly what I want.  (I do make them the conventional way as well for those of you who may want a more buttoned up look).   

The reason that I called this post "The Ella Pillow" is that I made the one below as part of a care package I am about to deliver to my sister.  As many of you know, my niece Ella has had some health issues recently.  My girls made her little pillows filled with lavender.  I made this one for my sister to remind her that they are in our prayers every day.  

I know in my heart that Ella, aka "the birdie" will be fine.  That being said, prayers always help a family get through something like this.  I appreciate all of you who have included her in yours.  It means a great deal to me and to my family.

with love on this valentines day,



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Friday, February 10, 2012

A Touch of Spring...and Hotel Silver

I love tulips.  I grabbed these at a farmers market.  They have the bulbs attached to them.  The vendor told me that they will last twice as long if I didn't cut them off.  Done!  I found the zinc pitcher at our flea market this past weekend.  Another item that I purchased in the pitch dark.  I know and trust this seller.  I asked him if I would love it in the light.  Knowing my taste he assured me that I would.  Of course I came back and fell in love with it, dents and all.

I don't collect many things.  That is one of the limitations of living in an apartment the size of a postage stamp.  There are two things that I manage to fit in though, enamelware (pitchers and lunch boxes) and hotel silver.  I love love love the latter.  About 20 years ago I fell in love with it and cheated because I didn't know anything about it.  I simply liked the look of it.  I bought a set at Pottery Barn.  And I still love that set. 

Since then I have begun to collect a piece here and a few there. In our home we don't own a set of stainless.  My feeling toward it is, if you love something why put it away and use it only on special occasions?  I don't understand that philosophy.  I do have to polish it once in a while but very rarely.   I consider that a small price to pay.  Most old San Francisco apartments don't have dishwashers, unless they have been updated.  And even if you wanted to put one in, there is not the space to do so.  Therefore I hand wash everything.  

 These Fairmont pieces are a recent find at a lovely shop in San Mateo called The Pickled Hutch.  Lisa has beautiful items.
 I am a fan of things not matching as a rule.  So the fact that one person at a table has pieces from the Fairmont and the neighboring person has a set from the Peralta, adds interest and a bit of charm, in my opinion.

 I bought the spoons below from a seller on Etsy called Tipple and Snack. Those are sailboats.

I found this piece at a french flea market in Sonoma last year.  She had a few. Wish I'd bought more than one.  I love how beat up it is.  (I like it in spite of the fact that the initials stand for the arch rival school to my college).  

"The visual appeal of hotel silver is undeniable, but the vintage wares are also intrinsically practical. "Silver that is used frequently doesn't need to be polished," she points out. Plus, she continues, "The more you use it, the better it looks."" 
Country Living

Have a great weekend.


Thursday, February 2, 2012

My Thing for Rusty Old Wire

I overheard my daughter talking with one of her friends recently.  We were on a walk and she saw something rusty.  She said to her friend, "My mom would love that.  It has lots of rust.  She calls those old dirty things vintage."  

I have tried to put this lovely little basket in my Etsy store for months.  No can do.  I just love how delicate it is.   

I have no idea what to call this.  I found it in a darling shop in Paso Robles called The Cottage. I believe it is made to hold utensils and it spins! 

I did manage to part with this little beauty.  I thought it would be a lovely part of a centerpiece for a baby shower.  Or great decor in a baby's room.  I always find it tough to buy for a baby when I don't know the sex.  

Again, not sure what to call this.  It can be used to hold candles or even as a cake stand I believe.  It is a huge wire cloche.  And when I say huge, I mean waaay to big for my little apartment, but I just love it.  

I think it is unique and interesting.

I like the rusty detail.

Now on to the items I love but that belong to others and are for sale.  (I believe that is called coveting, but didn't really want to say it). 

These are completely different wire cloches and are available on Etsy from a store called The Pansy Patch.  Aren't they great?  

And these I found at Save on Crafts.  (Surprisingly they are currently sold out)

And no post of mine would be complete (if I am talking about retailers) if it did not include my absolute favorite Mothology.  Of the four, my favorite is A.  I really like the contrast of a hard industrial look against white linen and a few ruffles here and there.  

Happy Friday!