Friday, August 12, 2011

German Beer Garden Set

I am a confirmed, die hard, Francophile.  The being said, I fell in love with this set which comes from Germany.  It was used in a beer garden in Munich. It consists of this table and four mismatched chairs.  I originally, in true form, purchased it with the intent of selling it on my etsy site.  

But, of course, I could not part with it.  And it has since become part of my small but cozy living/dining area.

The set consists of the table and four white chairs.  The blue ones are part of a different, French, set which I actually did manage to sell on etsy.  

This built in is my favorite part of my 100+ year old San Francisco apartment.  

The tablecloth also comes from Germany.  It is a handloomed linen sheet.  The texture is wonderful and beautiful.

I love the look of the white roses in the enamelware pitcher. 

Have a great weekend


Thursday, August 11, 2011

a touch of rouge

 I attended the antiques fair this weekend with my sister and sister-in-law.  We had a great time!  And each of us came home with some treasures.  I noticed that I had found items with a theme of red.  Although my current decorating theme is very pale and calm, the studio I inhabited in San Francisco before my children were born was decidedly red hued.  A few of my faves.....

I made this oversized grain sack market tote by hand.  

And this grain sack which I purchased at the stunning 
Full Bloom Cottage 
in Orange CA
was used not only to create this pillow

But also to recover this chair cushion

I especially like it with the raw edged linen pillow on it

And the red in this photo is of the initials of the grain house which shipped their product in this particular sack

There is a red theme found in two of my bistro chairs

I have tried to find this company online in order to learn a bit about them but have been unsuccessful.  If anyone knows of them, I'd love to hear from you

I like how none of them match but am especially partial to the one on the left because of the red poking out from underneath the coat of white paint.

I chose this one because it is unique in my opinion

And lastly, the texture and softness of this grain sack lured me to it

so much so that I did not want to make it into smaller pillows.  So to keep it intact I chose to make a 51 inch long body pillow out of it.  

have a great day!