Thursday, May 24, 2012

French Flea Market at the Lovely Chateau Sonoma

I had a wonderful few days off this past weekend.  It was quite indulgent.  I read a 500 page book, took a nap one afternoon, shopped a bit, and attended two flea markets.  Honestly, it doesn't get much better.  I did not take the camera to the French Flea Market on Saturday at Chateau Sonoma and I regret it.  It was awesome!  I did take a few photos on my phone though.  

This booth is William's Antiks.  He always has many treasures and is happy to teach me a few words in french that would be useful if I ever actually get to a brocante or marche aux puces :)

Of course, French music

This is Marina's booth from Over the Ocean Antiques.  It was stunning!

  In an effort to exercise some semblance of restraint, I did not buy the pitcher and am still kicking myself.

This is from inside the shop, which is absolutely jaw dropping.  

Don't you just want to move in?

I can almost guarantee that if you read my blog you would love this shop.  It is an old house and each room has countless treasures that Sara has brought back from France.  

Another great part of the day was that I got to meet Maria from Dreamy Whites.  She is just as lovely and talented as you would imagine from reading her blog.  Her merchandise is even more beautiful in person than in her pictures....imagine that.  Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, I could not get one photo of her booth because it was so packed with people every time I visited it.  I know that she did great!  And I am happy for her since she told me if was her first show. 

I did leave with a couple of wonderful items. 

Look at the detail.....

I am happy to say that I learned from my mistake and brought the camera to the flea the following day.  I will post those soon.  It was on a goat farm!

Have a great week!



  1. Wonderful photos Michele!!~ I wish I lived closer so I could have attended! I'm so glad you really enjoyed your days off, it sounded so wonderful!!
    Hope you have a lovely day.

  2. Lovely photos, I sure hope to make it next time!!! Have a lovely weekend! xo ~Ashley

  3. Michele
    Looks like it was a great market! I wish I lived closer! Your photos are great, I felt like I was there! Probably easier on the wallet that I wasn't, but you scored some great finds! Sometimes I get overwhelmed with so much to see and choose from.
    I would have loved to meet Maria also, guess I will have to make a trip west!
    Have a great weekend!


  4. Oh fun! Were those beewax candles i saw... they were gorgeous, and i love your finds!


  5. So envious of your fun time! That event looked amazing. I love what your bought too. Wish I didn't live clear on the other side of the country or I would've liked to have gone. Would've been a very expensive trip for me! Thanks for sharing these photos to give me a taste of being there.

  6. Michele, How fun...I would love to spend time at this market! I see a couple of baskets I would have liked to take home with me.

  7. Looks gorgeous and more French than France! What creative sellers, sounds like a wonderful way to spend the day. We are off to Millau on Sunday to a large Vide Grenier in the town. Have a great weekend

  8. what a great looking market, I wouldn't know where to start.I especially adore those wooden hook racks. x


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