Friday, April 25, 2014

Updates to Kitchen Remodel

I know, I know.  I don't post for months and then twice in a week.  I have honestly been meaning to update the recent kitchen photos for a while now.  
Here is where I left off. 

Old range

Wood countertops had a great smell, very light in color

No hardware

In the last few months I have added a few finishing touches.  I really like the hardware that I chose.  I saw these Ikea oversized pulls/handles on a blog and loved them.  

The other element which needed updating was the range.  I felt that a stainless steel one would tie it together.  It was a very generous birthday/christmas gift from my parents!


The other change that you will notice is that the countertops are darkening with time.  Ok...not just time.  I am fairly diligent about oiling them.  I love the way they are changing.  I would like them to be a bit darker and shinier.  However, I have resisted the urge to stain and seal them.   

Since I opened the cupcake company I really am going to need a more functional/industrial faucet.  I do like the look of this one though.

The other thing that you will notice about this kitchen is that there are no appliances, gadgets, nick knacks....etc.  I saw a phrase once on pinterest that expressed how I feel perfectly.  "It's a kitchen...not a catch all." In a large space I think it is fine but when your kitchen is as tiny as mine is, it just makes it feel smaller and cluttered.  

I always have fresh flowers framing the sink.  I like the pop of color against the otherwise white kitchen.  

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  1. It looks beautiful. I do love your new ikea hardware too and the stainless stove makes a world of difference. We got a stainless frig last year and wow does it look better. I wish I could have nothing on our countertops but with two adult kids still at home, we have to have a coffee pot and components out. At least they are all from Sur La they are nice. And I noticed your pretty washer/dryer which is in the kitchen just like they have them in Europe! It is nice to see blog posts from you again. xxo

  2. It all looks fabulous, Michele! The uncluttered look is just so clean and spacious looking! You are going to have so much fun baking in that beautiful space. :)

    xoxo laurie

  3. Wow! The stainless stove looks awesome with your hardware! Your kitchen is beautiful. Love the natural wood with the white, and the total lack of clutter.


  4. Thank you for choosing white colour and posting photos here. I too loved the white colour. I am obsessed with it. I liked the way you put the flowers around the sink. I am too in search of having a remodelling of my kitchen in Kilsyth.

  5. I just love your kitchen!! I am one that has a cluttered kitchen:( I need to let things go!!

  6. Your kitchen is simple, but elegant. Great job on the renovations, Michele! Removing unnecessary appliances and stuff on your kitchen is definitely a wise move, since doing so can give you freedom and additional space while you’re cooking your meals. Anyway, I do hope you'll be able to achieve your desired countertops soon. Have a great day! :)

    Gordon Fox @ PrinceAndSons

  7. l love your upgraded clutter free kitchen it looks awesome.

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  9. That is a great looking kitchen. I have been going back and forth between whether I want granite countertops or wood countertops. I do feel like wood is always such a good idea but then I wonder if it will stay nice looking over the long run. I think I would always be so tempted to chop stuff on it.

    Essie Reed @ Valley Home Improvement


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